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Information Sheet No. A-0032 (r)

At 06:44 AM 4/9/97, you wrote:
>From: "nyi n. lwin" <waterly@xxxxxxxxx>
>Who set the bombs?? The SLORC!!
>Again the SLORC lies public and pushes Japanese government to crackdown on
>peaceful pro-democracy organizations in Japan by accusing of a bomb mailed
>from Japan. 
>A bomb went off in Tin Oo's resident and killed his daughter on Sunday.  
>The SLORC's allegation is absolutely wrong. The fact is it is very
>impossible to pass a mail-bomb-- even an anti-SLORC letter--through the post
>offices' security seek in Burma. Sine 1988, the SLORC has hired more then
>ten thousand state employees, both full time and part time positions, to
>open every letter and every percale from abroad and to abroad. They open
>anything before it is sent to the local addresses. Another five hundred
>employees have been hired to tap every overseas call.  They tap every
>overseas call.
>The aim of the SLORC's accusation the organization in Japan is to defeat
>growing anti-SLORC movements within Japan. 
>The bomb that killed Lt. Gen. Tin Oo, daughter on Sunday was just set up by
>the SLORC itself. Since the top lever of the SLORC's members have been
>struggling for power, the bomb went off in Tin Oo's resident. 
>Tin Oo is struggling to get No.1 secretary position to replace with Khin
>Nyunt. Tin Oo is also the baker of Gen. Maung Aye. Maung Aye is also
>struggling for the SLORC's chairman position to replace with Gen. Than Shwe.
>Gen. Khin Nyunt and Gen. Than Shwe are defending their positions. As a
>result, they are trying to assassinate each other. Therefore, the SLORC set
>the bombs at Kaba Aye Pagoda and in the Tin Oo's resident. So the SLORC has
>full responsibility for the bombs and killed the innocents.
>At 08:14 PM 4/8/97, you wrote:
>>                        Information Sheet 
>>                          ***************
>>No. A-0032									date. 8-4-97
>>		Initial investigation revealed that the terrorist bomb that 
>>exploded  at  Lt.Gen Tin Oo's residence on the evening of the 
>>6th of April 1997 was airmailed from Japan. According to the 
>>information received from the on going investigation there are 
>>reasons to believe that the bomb plot was masterminded by 
>>some anti-Myanmar government groups within Japan which have 
>>resorted to act of terrorism.
>>Dear Watherly,

It's a good  deliberation. You   can point out a good reason.  The bomb
blasted in an evening in Sunday. No one will wait that long to open a postal
parcel in Burma. 

I wonder you know your notoriety  in the SLORC media office today.  The MIS
propaganda Magazine, MyetKhin Thit wrote an article condemning you in
September 1966 issue.
U Thaung