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Statement of Japan Groups re Bomb


On the night of Sunday, April 6, 1997, a parcel bomb exploded at the home of
SLORC General Secretary 2 Brig. Gen. Tin Oo.  That blast has nothing to do
with us.

>From the beginning of the democracy movement, we Burmese democracy activists
here in Japan have never trusted in nor advocated violence.  The Burmese
people today are the victims of human rights abuses and other illegal
actions.  We believe the only solution to these problems is dialogue.  If
both sides use violent means, the result is more bloodshed and the problems
are never solved.  We therefore have always condemned such tactics.

Here in Japan, the movement against the military regime has always been
peaceful, disciplined and within the bounds of Japanese law.  We have always
advocated dialogue as the means of solving Burma's political problems.  In
1962 and 1988, when the military took over the country, it accumulated a
record of violence and abuse of human rights.  From the 1988 democracy
uprising until now, the blood of many citizens working peacefully for
democracy has been shed -- that is also SLORC's doing.

Before April 6, we learned from the international news media that a power
struggle was going on within the SLORC.  It is very clear that the recent
blast is related to that power struggle.  Letters and parcels addressed to
SLORC generals have to pass through a security check, so the accusations
against us are baseless lies.

SLORC is responsible for creating the recent political instability, the
ongoing brutal offensive against the Karen ethnic group and the recent
religious clash between Buddhist monks and Muslims.  Furthermore, if these
problems escalate, SLORC must bear the blame.

Issued by the Joint Action Committee:

National League for Democracy (Liberated Area) -- Japan Branch

Democratic Burmese Students' Organization

8888 Group

Burma Youth Volunteer Association

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