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redundant postings/ EuroBurmanet Up

Subject: redundant postings/ EuroBurmanet Update

One and All, 

First, the latest EuroBurmanet update Monday April 7
If there is a will or a way, it would be best not to have repeated
postings for the same stories. This is a problem to which there should
be a solution. Perhaps people could keep their stories loaded in their
computer, ready to post, if they do not see it on the net, rather that
rushing to post a story, which then becomes repeated several times. Its
not as easy to just delete a posting that under various different ids in
the subject heading, as it requires to open, read and then delete, which
when if the repeats are scattered, it scatters time, attention and adds
to frustration and loss of concentration, and time, and effort.

thank you
dawn star, paris