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Total Info/addresses

Two items, first on Total addresses, and second on misrepresented
TOTAL/MOGE/UNOCAL drug money laundering information which has been
circulating on the net and published in THE Nation, New York -- and
flatly rejected by OGD, today in Paris, in a telephone interview with

The following in on the net and soon Euro-Burmanet, but if you need to
have information on TOTAL SA's North American operations, annual reports
etc, including Total Petroleum, in Canada, use the US addresses here to
get what you need, 	and  please post your experience for others. Metta,
Dawn Star

Re: TOTAL's Burma Propaganda Website : <www.total.com> 
 totalnyc@xxxxxxx (in the US

webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, marketing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
fondationtotal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  (France) 

This from the <www.total.com> website (actually now only on Burma,
after  they pulled off their
pilot website, having cut off their outsourced site to a small French
development team,
perferring to pay much less and not give out information for free on the
company's wide operations-that might, and if we help, surely will be
used against their undemocratic support of human rights violations,
perpetuated by junta regimes they support, for profit.

So, here you go,  brought to you by those good guys in the oil and gas
business, TOTAL SA.

For general corporate information, contact:

         Corporate Communications Division

         Tour TOTAL
         24, Cours Michelet
         92069 Paris La Défense Cedex

         phone : 33 (0)1 41 35 35 11
         fax : 33 (0)1 41 35 28 27

         For investor relations information,
         contact :

         Michel Hourcard
         Tour TOTAL
         24, Cours Michelet
         92069 Paris La Défense Cedex
	phone : 33 (0)1 41 35 52 29
         fax : 33 (0)1 41 35 52 20


         New York
         Robert Hammond
         TOTAL American Services
         1585 Broadway, 26th Floor
         New York, NY 10036-USA
         Phone : 1 (212) 969-2810
         Fax : 1 (212) 969 29 79


         For marketing, contact :

         Bernard Brandone
         TOTAL Raffinage Distribution
         51, esplanade du Général De Gaulle
         92907 Paris La Défense Cedex
         phone : 33 (0)1 41 35 87 73
         fax : 33 (0)1 41 35 87 48

         Fondation d'entreprise TOTAL :

         Fondation d'entreprise TOTAL
         Tour TOTAL
         24, Cours Michelet
         92069 Paris La Défense Cedex
         fax : 33 (0)1 41 35 64 66

         Employment inquiries

         In order to better process your
         applications for jobs or internships,
         please send all requests by standard
         mail (letter and resume) addressed to

         "Département Recrutement" TOTAL
         Tour TOTAL
         24 cours Michelet
         92069 Paris La Défense


RE: MOGE DRUG LAUNDERING  : Hold it and dont quote it!!!
OGD Paris 

Today I talked with OGD (Drugwatch Geopolitique in english, or
Observatoire Geopolique des Drogues, en francais)
and last week met with OGD head Alain Labrousse. The OGD 'report' cited
below, is not a report, but an article
evidently gleamed, so they said, on the net, used in the Nation story in
December "in error" and not the result of 
a four year study, futhermore, they say it dates, from 1993 or 1994, and
they have no new information of drug laundering 
drug profits. I asked for copies of all their recent work on Burma, in
addition to the source of this misquoted, and
miscarried story about drug money laundering, and they are sending it
over today. However, owing to the inaccessibility
and difficulty involved in getting this information out of Burma, they
say they do not have it.

It would be good if Leslie Kean or Bernstein would reply to this, as OGD
says they have been contacted repeatedly since the Nation 
story, which they say quotes them in error. If Kean or Bernstein have
different and better sources, it would be appreciated to know 
what they are, and what hard proof of money laundering exists.

The same goes for that story about a french TOTAL worker captured in
January and held for ransom by the KNU. That would
and has not pass an editor's desk, without any real hard substantiated
proof, which is not yet forthcoming. I cannot even 
call TOTAL on this its so weak in substance -- even if its true, which I
sincerely doubt, unfortunately.

Sorry, but so it goes with the establishment press.

Dawn Star, paris

Headline: SEC shareholder OCAW resolution; Unocal Roadblocks over links
to drug money   20/3/97
Date: March 20, 1997
Source:  BNN, EBN,UVI, PRNewswire, OCAW
Section: TOTAL 

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- The 90,000-member Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers
International Union (OCAW) 
announced today that the effort by Unocal Corporation to exclude a
controversial resolution from its
annual proxy statement and to prevent a vote on the resolution has been
denied by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The resolution, submitted by a retired OCAW member, calls on outside or
non-employee board members of Unocal to investigate the allegation that
Unocal's partner in Burma is serving as a conduit for laundering money
obtained from the illegal sale and production of heroin. If the
is true, the resolution asks board members to determine if Unocal
had any knowledge of it and to take appropriate action based on the

Unocal had desperately sought to have the SEC submit a so-called "no-
letter" which would have permitted Unocal to exclude the resolution.

However, the SEC in a March 5, 1997 letter to Unocal denied all of the
company's objections.

"We are pleased that the SEC acted judiciously in throwing out Unocal's
objections, and we hope that Unocal shareholders can now become better
informed about the real cost of doing business with Burma's military
which may include a rise in drug use in the U.S.," said OCAW President
Robert Wages.

According to the U.S. State Department, Burma is the largest producer of
illegal heroin in the world, and 60 percent of the heroin seized by law
enforcement officials in the U.S. comes from Burma.

"Unocal has had plenty of time to present evidence that the allegation
false but has done nothing -- which has only added to growing suspicions
that its partner is serving as a front for drug money laundering by
narco- military regime," added Wages.

Wages cautioned that further roadblocks can be expected from Unocal to
ensure the resolution does not pass at the shareholders' meeting in
and he stated that a "cover-up" investigation by Unocal would be no

 "Corporations always have the upper hand in shareholder meetings
and only a large shareholder and public outcry will produce a real
investigation," he said.

Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and leader of the
opposition in Burma who still remains under virtual house arrest, has
repeatedly urged foreign corporations to stay out of Burma and has
particular scorn on oil companies for their support of the military

OCAW notes that, if Unocal ignores this allegation and it later turns
out to
be true, the company along with its officers and directors will expose
themselves to significant criminal and civil liability under U.S. law.

Furthermore, if Unocal management knowingly ignores employee wrongdoing,
they breach their fiduciary duty and can be held personally liable in
derivative lawsuits.  Unocal shareholders can take actionagainst
and directors  to protect the reputation of their company and the value
of their shares.

Unocal's partners in the construction of a natural gas line across Burma
French-owned TOTAL SA and the Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE),
was established by Burma's military regime. The drug-laundering
was made in a December 16, 1996 article of "The Nation," which reported
findings from a four year investigation by Geopolitical Drugwatch that
was the major channel for laundering revenues of heroin produced and
exported by Burma's military regime.

According to the allegation, hundreds of millions of dollars have flowed
of MOGE's coffers to its Singapore bank accounts and in one instance $60
million were channeled through MOGE by Khun Sa, purported to be Burma's
renowned drug lord. Khun Sa has been indicted in New York by 
a federal prosecutor and now lives in Rangoon under the protective
umbrella of Burma's narco-regime. 

Other than limited payments made to MOGE by Unocal and TOTAL, MOGE has
no other identifiable source of

OCAW plans to mobilize its 90,000 members in late April in a "Three Days
for Burma" 
campaign which will include a petition drive calling on President
Clinton to impose immediate economic sanctions on Burma's military

In February, the 12.9 million member AFL-CIO passed
a strongly-worded resolution supporting the imposition of immediate
sanctions and the passage of selective purchasing laws to isolate
Burma's military regime.