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SLORC Ambassador's dialogue with th

Subject: SLORC Ambassador's dialogue with the Florida Committee

Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 17:27:55 -0400 (EDT)
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Dear Ko Moe,

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SLORC Ambassador's dialogue with the Florida Committee

Dear Kyaw Zay  Ya,
Your comment regarding  the above subject  have been very  constructive and
well written. I welcome your discussion and your professionalism.  I am very
well aware of the various political situations inn Burma.  In viewing the
video  taping of the meeting between Tin Winn and BNMCF, I strongly feel
that the BNMCF   members are very sincere in their efforts to restore
democracy to Burma and that they are a highly intellectual group not to be
exploited by any S.L.O.R.C. members including Tin Winn.  They strongly
support the efforts of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's leadership and all sincere
political groups who work so unselfishly hard for democracy.  With due
respect to your interest, I strongly suggest that you view the video tape
and discuss it with the BNMCF members, and I would like to hear your
response.  I also strongly agree with your statement of being united in our
fight for democracy and of letting no one try to divide and interfere with
our efforts and our objectives.

It is healthy to discuss and criticize in a constructive manner rather than
being abusive and printing out trasshy journalism full of air and no
substances.  Challenging to meet a person and to make a point deserves no
merit in a democratic society.  Distributing pamphlets " Shameful to meet
the Ambassador" to a group of democratic loving Burmese Nationals who
attened the meeting to demand democracy and to question the Ambassador about
various atrocities commited against the Burmese people should be condemned.
It is shameful to know that there is a narrow-minded and pessimistic group
claiming to restore democracy in Burma that exists in our society.  Imagine
what kind of democracy they want to restore to Burma!

All sincere efforts by the various political groups should be encouraged
rather than be condemned blindly without having any knowledge of the
discussions involved.
Myo Chit