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Coopers & Lybrand in Burma

Here's an interesting publication that was recently brought to my attention: 
Myanmar, A Guide for Businessmen and Investors. Its author are Coopers &
Lybrand in association with Hla Tun Consultants.

Apparently, the last page of this article reads:

About Coopers & Lybrand Hla Tun Consultants

Coopers & Lybrand Hla Tun Consultants is the result of twinning two leading
professional organisations -Coopers & Lybrand and Hla Tun Group- to meet the
increasing demand for financial services in the growing Myanmar economy.
The Coopers & Lybrand organisation is one of the world's leading providers
of professional services including accounting and auditing, tax and
consulting. The organisation comprises national and international practices
entities which are members of Coopers & Lybrand International, a limited
liability association incorporated in Switzerland, and serve clients on a
globally integrated basis in more than 120 countries.

Our strategic intent is to create value for our clients and to bring
competitive advantages to their activities. We met their needs by combining
our international capabilities and local market knowledge with our extensive
range of skills and industry expertise.

U Hla Tun Group is the largest accounting firm in Yangon. It is headed by U
Hla Tun, an eminent accountant with over 40 year of accounting experience. U
Hla Tun is a member of the Myanmar Accountancy Council and has been serving
on the capital structure comittee of the Ministery of Trade since 1989. He
is currently Chairman of the Capital Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of
Trade, a post he has held since 1989.

For more information on investing in Myanmar, please contact :

U Hla Tun/Reggie Thein/Phillip Tan

Coopers & Lybrand Hla Tun Consultants Ltd
53/55 Maha Bandoola Garden Street
Yangon, Union of Myanmar
Tel (1)71495&72810
Fax (1)86744

Coopers & Lybrand
9 Penang Road
#12-00 Park Mall
Singapore 0923
Tel 336 2344/336 0877
Fax 339 0048/3362539

First published in   1994
Secon edition        1995
Copyright by Coopers & Lybrand Singapore

This article obtained from a local Coopers & Lybrand office.