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April 13 Program accessible on Int (r)

Subject: April 13  Program accessible on Internet

Only  one  Democratic  Burmese  Program  on Internet

Dear friends,

The April 13  program of the Democratic Burmese Radio  originally on 2NBC  in  
Australia, is now available for real-time playback via RealAudio     from  
BurmaSong at


This is a Burmese-language program featuring Burma news, views, and music of  
Burma presented  by   Burmese now living in  Australia.    It   will  be 
appreciated   any  suggestion   about  program , Please  sends  E-mail  to 
(ausgeo@xxxxxxx ).

Many  thanks  to  Mr Wrightson Tongue , Burma Net and  all  listeners.

Democratic Burmese Program 	<http://users.imagiware.com/wtongue>