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Thank you, Mr Chairman.
Mr Chairman,
     My delegation would like to place on record our position
on E/CN.4/1997/L97. Despite the commendable efforts of well-
meaning delegations to help moderate the tone and tenor of
this text and to present a balanced picture of events
transpiring in my country, there are those who are once again
determined to conspire against us and to invent a scenario
that has no bearing on reality. They continue to turn a blind
eye to the truth and to mount a propaganda campaign in their
futile efforts to exert political pressure on my country.
     To be more specific, L97, has inter-alia subordinated the
cause of human rights and the interest of the entire country,
and has attempted to place in the fore, the narrow interests
of a single political party and a personality. This ploy has
been resorted to, at the expense of the larger interests of
All other legally existing political parties and the entire
national races of the country.
     The text goes on to allege that peaceful assembly has
been hindered by the Government. In fact nothing can be
further from the truth. Any independent and unbiased observer
can readily ascertain that so-called peaceful assemblies have
been repeatedly manipulated to create disorder in defiance of
legal authority, with the intention to incite innocent
bystanders to acts of destruction. Such efforts that are
directed toward the hindrance of the constitutional process
will naturally be countered appropriately by the authorities.
Mr Chairman,
     Reference has also been made in L97 calling for dialogue
with leaders of political parties and the ethnic groups. I
would like to once again clarify -- it is precisely for this
reason that the National Convention has been convened in my
country. A Convention encompassing political leaders, leaders
of ethnic groups, the workers, peasants, and intelligentsia,
among others, the objective of which is to ensure the
emergence of a lasting Constitution and a multi-party
democratic system in Myanmar, in fulfillment of our collective
aspirations to establish a peaceful, modern and developed
     With regard to allegations of supposed human rights
abuses contained in L97, my delegation notes that they
constitute merely ritual carry overs from a previous
resolution to which the authorities in Myanmar have responded
factually and categorically.
     Specific instances of alleged violations have been
instigated and information as to the actual nature of the
cases have been clarified to thematic rapporteurs. In essence
it has been our repeated experience that when detailed
investigations have been made into alleged violations, it has
been revealed that such accusations are without foundation and
are the invention of groups that are hostile to the government
for their own ulterior motives.
Mr. Chairman,
     To illustrate the absurd length to which the drafters of
this text are willing to venture, we need only to point to the
demise of one Mr. Nichols, a Myanmar citizen mentioned
therein. This individual passed away while undergoing medical
treatment at Yangon General Hospital and yet this death of a
person with a history of chronic medical problems has been
made a basis for this ill-conceived text against us.
     My delegation also notes with concern that efforts by my
Government in promoting and protecting the rights of children
have been ignored, have been completely ignored, and L97
chooses to portray a totally untrue picture of the situation.
We cannot but reject these aspects which are detrimental to
the enhancement of the rights of the child.
Mr Chairman,
     Calls for national reconsolidation have been made before,
and the Government is exerting utmost efforts towards this
end. But however much the demonstrated sincerity on the part
of the state authorities toward national reconsolidation, such
efforts have always been opposed by a small handful of
internal dissidents, encouraged and influenced by external
elements bent on destabilizing the peace and tranquility of
the country.
     We have always maintained, and will continue to maintain
that it is only the collective and unified endeavour of the
population within the country, free from external
interference, that will promote our objective of national
reconsolidation. And as such, we will tolerate no outside
influence or pressure in this national undertaking.
     In conclusion, Mr. Chairman, my delegation shall view L97
as a blatant attempt to divide the unity of our nation,
tantamount to no more than fruitless efforts to transgress
upon the sovereignty of the country. One can hardly expect my
Government to take a serious view of such mischievous
exercises. We roundly condemn and totally dismiss All those
negative elements in L97 as being counter-productive to the
protection and promotion of human rights in my country.
I thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Delivered 16 April 1997