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Suu Kyi vows to bring democracy

          Suu Kyi vows to bring democracy
YANGOM, April 14
Myanmar's Nobel Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi urged 600
supporters during a Buddhist New Year's celebration today not to
forget their countrymen jailed for advocating democracy.
The celebration at her home doubled as a fundraiser for political
prisoners and was attened by members of her political party and
foreign diplomats.
"We will never forget those who have sacrificed," Ms,Suu Kyi
said. In the transition to a new year, we will strive with
renewed courage and spirit until we achieve our goal to bring
democracy and human rights to the country." It was the fourth
large gathering Myanmar's mllitary government has allowed Suu Kyi
to hold since barricading the roads to her home in late September
The four day Buddhist New Year, called Thingyan in Myanmar, is
celebrated by dousing friends and strangers with water, as much
for fun as the purification the ritual symbolises. The Government
has issued rules and regulations to try and curb the sometimes
raucous behaviour associated with the holiday for fear that the
free-for-all atmosphere might lean some to vent their political
At Ms. Suu Kyi's home, four large tubs of water were available
for her guests to douse each other.
Guests used evergreen sprigs to sprinkle scented water
from silver bowls on Ms. Suu Kyi and other party
leaders as a blessing for the new year.--Ap