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Myanmar - the Land of Pagodas <http

Subject: Myanmar - the Land of Pagodas <http://triton.ori.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ ~moe/myanmar.html>

Someone requested bio info about the author of this <<SLORC??> webpage a
while back.  I found his bio is on:

The following is just a print-screen from his page just in case if you
cannot access to his bio page.  I hope this helps.

Moe Kyaw Thu

     Graduate Student
          Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo
          Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo, 1-15-1 Minamidai,
          Tokyo 164, Japan.
     Tel : 81-3-5351-6446
     Fax: 81-3-5351-6445
     E-mail: moe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

          Moe has been working on Marine Geology and Geophysics,
specializing in Seismic
     Stratigraphy. He received B.Sc.(Honours) in Geology from Yangon
University, Myanmar in
     1985. After the 1988 political turmoil in Myanmar, his graduate study
was interrupted along
     the closure of Universities for years. He worked for various foreign
firms for surveying &
     petroleum exploration in Myanmar & SEAsia before he could get chance
to enter University
     of Tokyo with Japanese Government Scholarship in 1991. He received
M.Sc. from
     Graduate School of Geology in 1994 with the research titled in
"Seismic Stratigraphy of
     Yamato Basin, Japan Sea". He is currently working on Core- Downhole-
Seismic integrated
     studies in Japan Sea as doctoral candidate.

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