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Reminder: Burma Evening in Washingt

Subject: Reminder: Burma Evening in Washington, DC 

                     " Burma Evening ?97 "

(A Fund-raising Concert for Refugee Women & Children of Burma)

According to the Amnesty International Annual Report, human rights violations
in Burma reached the highest peak in 1996.  Since early this year, the
Burmese military junta has launched a series of attacks on ethnic Karen
refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border, forcing more than 80,000
defenceless refugees, including women and children into Thailand . 

To help these refugees who are in urgent need, the Burmese Community in the
Greater Washington, DC area cordially invites you to the following
fund-raising concert.  Your kind contribution will be a great help.

WHEN:  April 20, 1997  (Sunday)
	     2:00 - 3:00 PM (Food Bazaar)		     
	     3:00 - 5:30 PM (Burmese Cultural Concert)	
WHERE:  Calvary Baptist Church
                755 Eight Street, NW
                Washington, DC 20001
(Direction by Metro:  Red or Yellow Line to Gallery Place-Chinatown.  Parking
available next to the Church. ) 
For ticket information contact: 
· Washington, DC	(202)393-7342
- Virginia                 (703)834-5670
- Maryland              (301)656-9559; (301)424-6009
· New York		      (718)381-4830; (718)434-6693	
( Also available at the gate - $10/ticket)

----------------------------- end.