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EBN latest update; Madame Albright,

Subject: EBN latest update; Madame Albright,how many more dead and raped ?

One and All, without losing sight of the endless saga of diplomatic talk
and threats, we see that Slorc is not cringing from empty threats in
Washington and the threat of more threats. Is this Washington's secret
weapon as it sacrifices and plays off Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to upstand
Slorc's challenge to the democratic rule of law? Our cause, grass roots
democratic action, has eclipsed Holocaust survivor Madeleine K Albright
and her noble words. Now more than ever is time to send your messages to
her for sanctions, telling her that from state to state we will not
relinquish the call for support to Suu Kyi - again voiced around the
world this week -- and echoed by UN Ambassador Bill Richardson in

How many more dead and raped men women and children Madame Albright? How
many more insulting rebuffs to the United States people and its leaders
and their friends around the world? 

What is this magic secret weapon Madame Albright is holding in her close
fisted hand? More foot-stomping and teeth-gashing rhetoric. How shameful
of American leaders as they cry out that they are not going to take any
more abuse from Slorc? We see their catatonic pantomine as they go
through their motions standing at the top of the mountain with their
arms thrashing in the winds.

Meanwhile, Slorc continues to arm its expanding army, torture its
people, insult the international community of nations, and play cat and
mouse with the Clinton administration bent on a strategic exploitation
of Burma's rich resources by the rich and powerful of the US pro-China
pro-investment lobby, at the cost and destruction of the people, and
basic fundamental values. Let us not be deceived by the way Clinton is
using his secretary of state as the whipping post of human rights, as
she uses Suu Kyi to exhalt the false dedication to human rights. Clinton
and Albright missed their chance last year to come down hard on Slorc,
and all this back-peddling is not fooling Slorc, nor the human rights
activists and her friends.

America knows tough diplomacy of such vigorous protest is only valid
when backed by action. So Madame Albright, how many more dead and raped
before Clinton passes sanctions on Slorc? Stop kicking around the ball
and get tough on Slorc now!

Latest Euro-Burmanet Update April 18 
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Support "3 Days for Burma" April 22-24 
Dawn Star, Paris

moe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> From: moe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Julien Moe)
> Subject: Burma could face investment sanctions: Albright
> Burma could face investment sanctions: Albright
>            (hold for release expected around 2345 GMT)
>            ANNAPOLIS, Maryland, April 15 (AFP) - US Secretary of State Madeleine
>            Albright on Tuesday put the Burmese leadership "on notice,"
> saying the regime
>            could face US investment sanctions.
>            Taking note of Rangoon's tightening limits on political
> expression and its jailing
>            of demonstrators, Albright said, "Burmese leaders are on notice
> that, unless the
>            clouds of repression are lifted, they will face investment
> sanctions under US
>            law."
>            A US law adopted late last year bans US investment in Burma if
> Burma's
>            military rulers, known as the State Law and Order Restoration Council
>            (SLORC), arrests, harms or exiles Burmese opposition leader Aung
> San Suu
>            Kyi or suppresses her followers on a large scale. The SLORC has
> ruled Burma
>            since 1988.
>            "Our policy is to oppose repression and support a dialogue
> between the
>            government and the democratic opposition," Albright said in a
> speech at the US
>            Naval Academy here.
>            "US officials, myself included, have stressed to Burma's military
> the opportunity
>            presented by a democratic opening," she added, characterizing
> recent actions
>            by the regime as having a "corrosive effect on the Burmese
> government's
>            standing at home and abroad."
>            On Monday, Aung San Suu Kyi said hundreds of supporters and
> members of
>            her National League for Democracy (NLD) were in prison, where
> they receive
>            inadequate medical treatment and are denied basic rights.
>            After years of near dormancy, the NLD began stepping up
> activities following
>            Aung San Suu Kyi's release from six years of house arrest in
> 1995, but has
>            found itself under increasing pressure from the ruling junta.