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Letter to Congress

April 20,1997

Senator Slade Gorton
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510-4701

Dear Senator Gorton,

Thank you for your continued support for democracy in Burma.  
Unfortunately, the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) has 
made little progress in improving conditions for democracy.

I am writing to urge your support for economic sanctions against the 
SLORC.  Conditions have clearly been met over the past year for the 
sanctions outlined in the Cohen-Feinstein Amendment to be implemented.  
For example, Aung San Suu Kyi and other National League for Democracy 
members still face political repression and harassment.  Amnesty 
International called 1996 "the most repressive year since the uprising in 
1988" with over 2000 political arrests.

In addition, on April 15, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights 
issued the strongest statement of condemnation ever towards the SLORC.  
It communicated "deep concern...over recent attacks on ethnic 
nationalities resulting in death, destruction, and displacement."  An 
estimated 110,000 individuals are currently in vulnerable refugee camps 
in Thailand, with continued threats of repatriation by the Royal Thai 

Secretary of State Albright put the "Burmese on notice that, unless the 
clouds of repression are lifted, they will face investment sanctions 
under US law."  This posturing on the part of the White House has 
occurred since 1995, and conditions have only worsened in Burma.  It is 
time for the US Congress to send legislation to the White House that 
imposes a ban on new investment in this corrupt country.  Senator Mitch 
McConnel indicated on April 16 that he will submit new legislation 
imposing such sanctions, and I respectfully urge your support.

Tim Landon
PO Box 909
Spokane, WA 99210