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Dear madame/sir,
Hello, my name is Miki Munakata. I am currently doing 
master's degree in gender analysis and Development at 
University of East Anglia. I am writing and gathering 
materials on Burmese women and girls; the relationship 
between HIV/AIDS and migration. I am sorry to disturb you 
but due to the difficulties of gathering information, I'd be 
very greatful if you could give me some advice or 
information, how to purchase your report or publication on 
Burmese women's AIDS issue. Thank you very much in advance.
with thanks,
Miki Munakata
c/o school of Development Studies, University of East 
Anglia, Norwich, NR4 7TJ, UK
email: M.Munakata@xxxxxxxxx
fax: 44-01603-451-999