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Dear Julien,
Thank you for reposting this message to other lists, but I'm wondering why
you signed it with your own name.  Next time it would be more appropriate to
leave it signed by BurmaNet with a note at the top from you that you are
reposting it.


At 06:38 PM 4/23/97, you wrote:
>From: moe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Julien Moe)
>Dear Friends,
>The igc server computer system crashed on April 20, and the system operators
>have said that it will not be fully functional until April 24.  Until the
>system operators fix the problem we will only be able to send out issues of
>BurmaNet News at sporadic intervals, from a different account.   We will
>send the BurmaNet News issues from April 21-24 as soon as the system is
>running again.
>Thank you for your understanding and patience.
>Julien Moe