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Sen.Moynihan's statement on the Sen

Subject: Sen.Moynihan's statement on the Senate floor (04/22)
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 12:17:57 -0400

The following is the insert of Sen.Moynihan's statement on the Senate floor
on April 22, 1997.

            Sanctions Against Burma on Senate Floor (April 22, 1997)

Mr. MOYNIHAN. I commend the President for his decision to invoke investment
sanctions on Burma , in accordance with section 570 of Public Law 104-208.
The President deserves praise for his action. Conditions in Burma remain
grim and warrant this limited measure. 

Perhaps no one is more deserving of praise than the Senator from Kentucky,
Senator McConnell. He and I have stood together in support of the people of
Burma for many years now and I congratulate him for his steadfast efforts
to assist in achieving a democratic transition in Burma . 

Burma is a democracy denied. It is a country with a democratic past. With
our help it can have a democratic future. We find ourselves at a point in
history where numerous nations are struggling to build democratic
governments. It is not always an easy process. Those who are involved in
such transitions watch for America s response to situations such as we find
in Burma , where a military junta prevents the implementation of a
democratic election. Let us be clear. This is not only about human rights
and trade. This is about our commitment to democracy. 

There are those who argue that constructive engagement is the only way to
effect change in a country. Constructive engagement is a euphemism for
doing business with thugs. Foreign investment in Burma provides hard
currency for the State Law and Order Restoration Council [SLORC]. Most U.S.
companies refuse to support such a regime through foreign investment.
Amoco, Levi Strauss, Liz Claiborne, Macy's, Eddie Bauer, Columbia
Sportswear, Oshkosh B'Gosh, Pepsi, Apple Computer, and many other companies
already have cut business ties with Burma . I commend the President for his
action which supports the decisions of these responsible companies. 

Finally, I would note that this is not an end to our efforts in Burma , but
a beginning. Strong bilateral pressure needs to be supplemented with
multilateral action. I call on other nations which share our concern for
the people of Burma to join us. Most importantly, the SLORC should know
that we will remain vigilant and continue to defend the rights of Burmese
democracy leaders.

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