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                      INFORMATION SHEET

NO.A-0035						                     DATE.24-4-97

	The sanctions imposed by the U.S on Myanmar, 
we believe, is for their own domestic political consumption.  
But Myanmar, has her own national interest to serve and has 
already laid down policies, aims and objectives for the benefit 
of the whole nation.  Since Myanmar is walking on a straight line 
towards her noble goal, there is no reason to deviate from its 
original path to serve the interest of a foreign government .

	More importantly, Myanmar has opened her doors to 
outside investments and her abundant natural resources will 
benefit all those who come to invest.  But if the U.S refuses to 
come in to invest or pull out its companies from doing business 
in Myanmar, we can only feel sorry for the U.S companies, 
because they will not get a second chance later to invest in 
Myanmar if opportunities are taken over by companies from 
nations with consistent foreign policies.