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Whatever it was, its gone, at least for now, and that white light
shining in the sky, next time when it comes, or when you think its
there, think of suu kyi. she's still here, and lets hope for a long,
long time to come.

dawn star
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burma@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> At 8:25 this Tuesday evening, looking up at the night sky with the
> bright moon just rising, I saw what looked like a genuine UFO.  Travel
> from near center sky, south east.  A single very bright white light,
> like a very bright star.  No side lights, no blinking lights.  It turned
> and still no signs of other lights.  I looked at it with a pair of high
> power binoculars and still only saw the one white light.
> It then slowly faded, not in the distant but as if it was traveling
> higher and higher and disappear.  I have a witness.
> John Johnson
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> change@xxxxxxxxxxx
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> 04/22/97    9:14PM