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815 Fifteenth Street, N.W., Suite 910, Washington, DC 20005

April 22, 1997


The National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma applauds President Clinton's 
action in imposing sanctions against the illegal military junta, the State Law and Order 
Restoration Council, in Burma. This long-awaited measure by the Administration reaffirms 
that the United States stands for the rule of law, democracy and human rights and brings 
hope to the Burmese people. We also acknowledge the support of Secretary Albright and 
others in the US government who worked to make this possible. 

We are particularly thankful for the bi-partisan support we have received in the US 
Congress and we specially wish to thank Senators Mc Connell, Moynihan, Leahy and 
D'Amato for introducing mandatory sanctions during the last session of Congress. Also, to 
House members Rohrabacher, Pelosi, Porter, Lantos, and their colleagues who
co- sponsored legislation towards this end.

Additionally, we want to thank the grassroots movement, the labor unions and many other 
individuals and organizations who have worked tirelessly and selflessly in giving voice to 
the political aspirations of the Burmese people. This Executive Order of the President 
outlawing new investments to Burma should be seen by the international community as a 
response to fulfilling the pleas of the democratic forces in Burma.

The National Coalition Government believes that sanctions imposed by the United States 
will eventually create conditions conducive to a dialogue for peace and national 
reconciliation in Burma. The sanctions should therefor remain in effect until that goal is 
achieved. It is our hope that other governments will follow the lead of the United States 
and join in effectuating similar measures that will help restore democracy and human rights 
in Burma


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