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Unattributability of email (r)

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are carrying out a small survey for clients into the effects of the
day-to-day unattributability of email.

Your name was retrieved at random from email sent to a small Geneva,
Switzerland-based web consultancy called Josmarian SA. You may verify
our bona fides from the address http://www.josmarian.ch. 

The question we should wish to pose is whether the lack of verification
inherent in email has led to increasing reserve on your part. 

In other words, whether the intimate and trustful nature of the email
community has now become less so due to the explosion of users and the
effective inability (without specialized work) to determine whether the
email you receive is in fact from its apparent sender.

We should also wish to discover whether any correspondents have
knowingly suffered such spoofing and what steps they may have taken to
discourage or eliminate it.