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Dear Subscribers,

The igc system (PeaceNet) is now running normally again, although still a
bit slower than usual because of the backlog of messages.  PeaceNet supports
thousands of users and listserves worldwide.  This is the first time the
system has crashed in our three and a half years of running BurmaNet from
the PeaceNet server.  We hope that it will not happen again for at least
another three and a half years!

The subscriber lists were not affected by the system crash, so you do not
need to resubscribe or confirm that you are still on the list.  

We are resending the April 21, April 22, and April 23 issues of the BurmaNet
News to make sure that you all received them.  The April 24 issue has
already gone out, and the April 25 issue is going out at the same time as
this message.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at strider@xxxxxxxxxxx if you have any
further problems.

Thank you for your patience.

- BurmaNet