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TOTAL Response to Sanctions

EuroBurmanet called TOTAL press headquarters here in PARIS for any
official press communique or response from the ceo thierry desmarest. 
No response, no communique, no press statement. Nothing at this time,
except what we sent prior to this, reported in Le Monde thursday, that
TOTAL was "not concerned" by US sanctions. What a bluff! More to come

Meanwhile, the french ruling party, Chirac and Juppe, are virtually
rolling over the opposition towards a new election in five weeks, to
confirm their government authority for the next five years, meanwhile
there is virtually no opposition here, except from the far right, as the
socialists seem to agree of most things,or are too humiliated by their
past to mount any respectable contest. They are getting whipped, and
Chirac, a political master, is doing his own mopping up here.

Remember, the French state is backing TOTAL and is roughly, directly and
indirectly, a ten percent capital shareholder.

dawn star, paris

dawn star