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Comments: Question to Freedom Fight (r)

Subject: Re: Comments: Question to Freedom Fighters about Peru

It was obscene to hear Fujimori describe the slaughter as an expression of
"democracy".  Yes, the hostages suffered restrictionson their liberty of
movement, but they enjoyed conditions far superior to the horror of Peruvian
jail cells.

At 09:47 AM 27/04/1997, you wrote:
>Subject: Comments: Question to Freedom Fighters about Peru
>  We in our cause for freedom and rights in Burma are rebels against
>oppresion and an illegal government.  So were the TUPAC AMARU in Peru.
> Terrorists don't release most of their hostages and allow first-aid, food,
>and journals in to visit.  The Tupac Amaru took hostages for a reason to help
>them draw attention to Peru's problems.  Fujimori did a quick, clean rescue,
>except that he killed -all- the rebels without even considering their
>surrender.  They wanted to talk, to make a point....    Just to be
>What do you think??
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