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Australia's Foreign Policy (Alexand

Subject: Australia's Foreign Policy (Alexander Downer).


(Address by the Hon Alexander Downer MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, to the 
Joint Services Staff College, Canberra, 26 March 1997)



Part Four: Australia's Humane and Principled Foreign Policy 

The fourth and final pillar of Australia's foreign policy is a focus 
on a humane and principled foreign policy.

Australian foreign policy is vitally concerned with upholding 
internationally recognised standards of human rights and
looking for practical ways to enhance individual dignity and freedom and 
promote democracy internationally.

This is a key element of Australia's foreign policy and a long standing 
part of Australia's rich history - the shared values that
bind us together as a nation.

This area of policy involves two major elements: public diplomacy and 
constructive initiatives.

With regard to the first area of public human rights diplomacy, Australia 
has continued to make strong representations to
the Government of Burma on specific human rights cases and is maintaining 
regular contact with opposition spokespeople,
including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.


[28 April 1997].