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Burmese Moslem dies in mine blast o

Subject: Burmese Moslem dies in mine blast on border 

Burmese Moslem dies in mine blast on border 
11:39 a.m. Apr 29, 1997 Eastern 

COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh, April 29 (Reuter) - A Burmese Moslem was killed and
his son
wounded when they detonated an anti-personnel mine on Bangladesh's border
with Burma on
Monday, police said. 

Bangladesh security sources also said on Tuesday mines had been laid on
Burmese territory either
by Moslem guerrillas to restrict the movement of Burmese troops in the area,
or by Burmese guards
to stop cross-border insurgency. 

Police said at least seven people, including one Bangladesh border security
guard, had been killed
by mines during the past year. 

An agreement was reached between the border forces of Burma and Bangladesh
in January to
launch a joint operation to remove the mines along the border. But the mine
sweeping drive has yet
to start.