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Thai PM's Burma trip postponed

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A scheduled trip to Burma next  Saturday  by Thai Prime Minister Chaowalit 
Yongchaiyudh has been postponed, SLORC said .
The postponement was due to the request made by the SLORC because the initial 
proposed date for the Thai PM's visit was not mutually convenient a military 
spokesman  said.

Thai officials were not immediately available to comment on the reasons for 
the postponement of the trip, which came a week after the United States 
announced it was clamping economic sanctions on Burma.

Chaowalit broke Burma's diplomatic isolation with a visit to Rangoon as Thai 
army chief following a crackdown by the Burmese military against nationwide 
pro-democracy demonstrations in 1988.

He has also often professed friendship with many of the top leaders in the 
State Law and Order Restoration Council, which assumed power in 1988.

Most ASEAN countries have shrugged off the US appeals, saying that it was not 
their policy to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and that 
Burma's admission would not be affected by the sanctions.

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