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Burmese torch Mon villages

April 30, 1997
The Bangkok Post

               In Brief

              Burmese torch Mon villages

              Prachuab Kirikhan - Two Mon villages with around 300
              makeshift shelters were set ablaze after Burmese forces overran
              a Mon military base at Tab Guncha on Monday.

              Around one thousand Mon refugees from Ban Chong Chi and
              Ban Tan Guncha villages fled the attack and crossed over into
              Thailand to seek refuge in Bangsaphan's Tambon Chaikasem
              where local public health officials provided aid to the refugees,
              said a border official.

              Some 2,000 Burmese troops were involved in Monday
              morning's large-scale military drive against Mon rebel forces.
              The fig! hting lasted for nearly four hours before the rebels
              decided to desert their military base.

              "Mon forces could not resist the attack as Burmese forces were
              better equipped with heavy weapons. The two villages were
              reduced to rubble," noted a Mon leader.