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get your tcp-wrapper, firewall filt

Subject: get your tcp-wrapper, firewall filter ready!!

Some burmese guy who is not paying SLORC-dogs under-the-table, is going to be 
put in jail for having a computer and a network.

64Kbps line? That's only half of ISDN channel for the entry country.

>> News Release  Date: 15 April 1997
>> Myanmar establishes first overseas data links via Singapore Myanmar has
>> set up its first data communications link with the world and has chosen
>> to use Singapore as its gateway. Last month, Singapore Telecom and
>> Myanmar PTT established a 64 kpbs link between the two countries. The
>> link using Telepac, SingTel's packet switched service enables Myanmar to
>> reach out to over 110 destinations in more than 90 countries and 200
>> data networks worldwide. 
>> With this connection, companies can now set up inter and intra corporate
>> communications for their E-mail and data transfer, and access computer
>> hosts anywhere in the world. Prior to this, the overseas
>> telecommunication link between Myanmar and the rest of the world was via
>> telephone, telex, telegraph and fax. 
>> "There are over a hundred companies in Singapore who need to send or
>> receive data to their representative office or partners in Myanmar,"
>> said Mr Lim Shyong, SingTel's Vice-President of Business Communications.
>> "This new data link will make it more efficient for them to do so. As
>> needs grow and traffic increases, these companies may wish to set up
>> their own private network using point-to-point leased circuits." 
>> Telepac customers are billed according to the amount of data traffic
>> while private leased circuits have a fixed cost which is independent of
>> traffic. 
>> SingTel has plans to offer other data services such as X400 and X500 to
>> Myanmar soon. It is also in the process of negotiating with the relevant
>> authorities in Cambodia and Laos to establish similar data links with
>> these countries.