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Editing Dr. Sein Win

Dear Philip,

Please check this out for grammar and spelling and words usage, and remail
me tonight. Because I will meet him tomorrow.
With many Thanks.
Nyi Nyi Lwin   

Our Prime Minister; A Man With High Dignity and Integrity

As an elected representative, Prime Minister Dr. Sein Win of National
Coalition Government of Union of Burma,  is the only legitimate prime
minister abroad. We, students, are very proud of him and his leadership. His
dignity and integrity are incomparable to the present ruling military?s
leaders. Dr. Sein Win?s sacrifices and determinations for our Burmese and
democracy movements are very creditable.

Since Dr. Sein Win has lobbied governments and organizations abroad in 1992,
a numbers of human rights resolutions were passed in the United Nations (UN)
and European Union (EU), including economics sanctions in U.S.. Dr. Sein Win
is highly respected by many  governmental and non-governmental
organizations? leaders, including U.S. legislators. He traveled all over the
world to request the international community to help our nation to gain
freedom from present dictatorship, self-named State Law and Order
Restoration Council (SLORC). He met many legislatures, including Canadian?s
prime minister and Australian?s foreign minister. He proposed   the
legislatures to impose sanctions against the regime. Dr, Sein Win could also
lead the United Nations to pass a Burma?s resolution last year. The
resolution calls the SLORC to hold dialogue with democratic forces and
ethnic leaders, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. European Union in March
suspended Burma?s tariff privileges following the use of force labors. Human
Rights Commission in Geneva passed a strong resolution in April. The
resolution opposes 30 per cent army power sharing,  and the commission calls
the SLORC to hold dialogue with democratic forces. President Clinton imposed
new U.S. investments sanction on Burma in April. Massachusetts, including
other ten cities, have already imposed economics sanctions against the
SLORC. U.S. and EU also passed visa restriction laws last year that the
SLORC?s members are prohibited to enter to U.S. and EU nations. 

Family Back Ground:

Dr. Sen Win, a married man with a girl child,  descends from a very high
historical family. His father was U Ba Win, elder brother of our nation?s
independence father General Aung San. U Ba Win (his rank) was mercilessly
assassinated by power hungers Burmese  during the cabinet meeting on July
19, 1947 along with Gen. Aung San. U Ba Win, one of the hero martyrs,
always remains in our hearts and souls in which he sacrificed his life for
Burma?s freedom and national sovereignty. 

Dr. Sein Win, cousin of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, has been sacrificing his
family life to restore democracy and human rights in Burma a shift following
his father?s path. His beautiful wife and lovely daughter remained in Burma
since he left Burma in 1991. They have not had any contact since then.  The
six (age) old girl might have been looking for her father to play together
in the backyard in warm summer evening. Such an instrument leader with much
personal sacrifices has been leading our causes of democracy?it is a high
moral to adopt in a human being that a man who struggles for justice for his
fellow people where they are dominated by injustice?we must simply follow
his leadership. 

 Education and Hobby

The prime minister?s educational level is higher than the present ruling
dictators. He earned a Ph.D from (university) in Germany in (19000). He
taught at (----) from 19000 to 19000. He had also done many (what)
researches in (countries). He speaks several foreign languages fluently,
particularly English and German. His hobbies are reading and jogging. He is
a faithful man in religion as well. He treats people fairly and equally.
Thus, Dr. Sein Win is the only one who has met all qualifications that all
Burmese in overseas have been looking for to lead the democracy movements
abroad. Since Buddha has blessed us a great opportunity that Dr. Sein Win
was burned for us for a freedom Burma nowadays, we shall go ahead and
support the prime minister.

Politics and Actions 

Dr, Sein Win become a (party) leader in 1900. He won  a parliamentary seat
in 1990 general election from Paukkhaung constituency. He worked for Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi as an accountant manager for (years or months). He left
Burma in late 1991 and became a prime minister abroad. He is also ( to check
chairman of National Council of Burma and Democratic Alliance of Burma and
so on). 

The prime minister believes that Burma someday will become a democratic
country. To change Burma quickly, divestment, economic sanctions, and arm
embargo will gear up. Doing businesses with the SLORC in terms of
"constructive engagement" adopt by Association of South East Asia (ASEAN)
only helps the SLORC to repress its own people. In other words, the ASEAN is
constructing for the SLORC with its investments but destroying freedom and
democracy in Burma with its exploit characters. The SLORC is the illegal
regime and has no rights to rule Burma.  Since the SLORC came to power in
1988, Burma?s economic, education, social, and religion infrastructures are
worsen. The country now becomes a drug lords? heaven under the existing
regime. An image of Burma?s  national dignity in international community is
already failed. Only dialogue will solve a half century rooted political
problem and reserve national dignity and democracy in Burma.