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Information Sheet A-0036 (r)

Hi Okkar,
	Sorry for your offer.  I will never ever do such thing.  I don't 
want to be a fellow of SLORC and its generals and I hate it.  I don't 
care how much you are paid to do such thing.  I just care the truth of 
identity of all including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi whom you and your bloody 
generals are afraid of even to hear her name and even to write her real 
name.  I just want you to show equal respect of the identity of all 
people.  You publish Than Shwe as Than Shwe and your mother as your 
mother but not as Mrs. your father, Don't you?  Why don't you write Daw 
Aung San Suu Kyi as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi?  That is ridiculous.  Be aware 
that your attempt to vanish her name by doing such idiot things will 
never meet with success.  No matter how you write, people will always 
respect her as long as she does the right things.  
	Once again, I have my own mouth and my own mind and I can make my 
own decision.  I never ever want to be a tool or a mouth of SLORC, a 
gang.  Don't think me like you.  I do eat, I do breathe and I do want 
money for my living but I don't do as a machine and I don't do as a 
fellower of those stupid idiots.  I have my identity and I have my 
conscience and those are more important for me than money and than my 
survival.  I won't do such kind forever.  Remember it, I am myself and I 
am not anyone else.  I behave as I behave.  Only animals do by orders of 
people.  Think yourself and wish you could change in time.

Kyaw Zay Ya

On 30 Apr 1997 OKKAR66127@xxxxxxx wrote:

> In a message dated 97-04-30 05:31:04 EDT, you write:
> << Hi OKKA,
>  	What happened to this message.  You said you can write her name 
>  but where!  Can you write just only to me?  HMM, I think I should 
>  withdraw my congratulation. 
>  KZY >>
> Hi Ko Kyaw Zay Ya
>     You can post my mail to this group if you want. 
> OK

Kyaw Zay Ya
Indiana University