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Burma Behind the Mask - announcemen (r)

Subject: Burma Behind the Mask - announcement with mailing adress (my fault, sorry)

Subject: Burma Behind the Mask - announcement
Burma Behind the Mask, Published in AMSTERDAM The Netherlands April 1997 

'My country is full of beauty but there is also great ugliness in the form
of greed and cruelty that engender corruption and fear...This book reveals
what lies behind the beautiful facade that makes the country so enticing to
visitors...' From the foreword by Aung San Suu Kyi.

The Burma Centre Netherlands is pleased to announce the publication of the 
English book: 
Burma behind the mask. 

This book, edited by Jan Donkers and Minka Nijhuis, and
with a preface by Aung San Suu yi, was originally published in Dutch in
August 1996.
The book begins with personal accounts from the Dutch journalists Jan
Donkers and Minka Nijhuis of their travels in Burma between 1991 and 1994.
The second chapter gives an overview of Burmese history, esplaining the
roots of the present political crisis. Subsequent chapters describe the ways
in which the military controls every aspect of life in Burma, their plans
for developing tourism and how tourism will impact the general population.
This is followed by a quick survey of the situation in each admiistrtaive
division. The final chapter focuses on a few practical aspects of visiting
Burma. The book is illustrated with photographs by Dutch photographer Jan
Banning, and a collection of cartoons by various Burmese artists.

Edited by Jan Donkers & Minka Nijhuis
Photography by Jan Banning
Published by the Burma Centrum Nederland

The book can now be ordered through the Burma Centre Netherlands

pricelist including postage
Europe 1 copy: 25 US$, 2 copies: 47 US$
Australia, New-Zealand and Canada 1 copy: 26 US $, 2 copies: 50 US$
All other countries 1 copy: 30 US$, 2 copies: 57 US$
- * - Organisations that wish to to use the book for campaign-purposes, are
kindly invited to contact us for more copies.

We prefer to receive amounts in cash, by sending banknotes in an enveloppe.
Otherwise, the financial transactions will be costly for both sender and

You can also send a Eurocheque in Dutch Guilders (do not forget pass/card
Alternatively, send a postal money order or a bank cheque, but then you need
to add 10 US$ to the amount!
If you send us the money by bank-transfer, also add another 10 US$. For
transfers trough a bank, use this swift code: VSB-UNL-2-U, our
bankaccountnumber is

Our adress:
Burma Centre Netherlands
Paulus Potterstraat 20
The Netherlands

BCN is onafhankelijke stichting. Doel: Nederlandse samenleving informeren 
over Burma. Het initieert en co-ordineert aktiviteiten die democratisering 
en duurzame ontwikkeling bevorderen. Het geeft een positieve bijdrage aan 
een constructieve dialoog tussen de diverse groeperingen.

Paulus Potterstraat 20
(31)20-6716952 (tel)
(31)20-6713513 (fax)


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point to resources promoting the establishment of democracy in Burma.