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Challenge to Maw Maw,Maesot From pa

Dear Maw Maw or whoever

You accused me of being MI agent.
I absolutely challenge you for that.You don't cop out and you must live up
to your words.

Firstly,  you said I am hidding my true identity ........  and you were
following me all the time  ......

If you were following me all the time, you must have seen my real name
several times on the net.I have given my real name whenever I do criticise
an article or NCGUB/FTUB or any subject matters but never a personal attack
on NCGUB/FTUB matter. I even provided my personal details to NCGUB office
to obtain its finacial accountings but they never delivered it to
me.Panyoma is my pen-name and I provide my real name for legal implication
only when I criticise something.

In this regard, you lied to me and you lied to the net.Therefore you are a

Secondly, You accused me of being an MI just because of Okkar has chosen to
reply my questions  .......     

I have written to Okkar publicly twice. He reply to my questions everytime
just because of my questions are of valid and reasonable.There are many
other people that Okkar has replied more than he did to me.Why didn't you
accuse them of being spies. 

Is your brain functioning properly or you have been ordered by somebody to
attack me or doing a favour to somebody to achieve your own personal gains-

Thirdly, I was down grading NCGUB/FTUB, therefore I must be a spy  ......
there are at least a dozen more people are criticising on them as well.

This is an also another pathetic accusation and hold no water.

In this democratic society,criticising their own government is a necessary
healthy practice and absolutely normal.NCGUB/FTUB is no exception for
that.My questions are of ,I believe,quite valid and even advisories for
them.I have lived up to my questions and questioned face to face with the
whole NCGUB members in a public meeting here in Sydney on 25 July 98.They
know me well and I know them as well.We have no problem for questioning
strongly and openly.Nor I care.I will question NCGUB/FTUB professionally
anytime, anywhere I like.

There are a few outstanding defects regarding NCGUB/FTUB's performances
credibilities.These will be questioned soon on the net.

Dear Maw Maw, I really like to know why do you do this to me?. This a bit
strange and out of resonability.At least it had been a good idea that you
checked about me first in Australia Burmese community before you attack
me.May be you are desperate.Do you need some kind of help ?Let me know.

I am becoming a bit sorry for you to write this letter.However you must
publicly withdraw your accusation against me without giving any reason and
I will accept that.

Otherwise you are responsible for further consequences.

Yours sincerely




> From: alexander kyaw <kanaung@xxxxxxxxx>
> To: panyoma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Conference reg.burma
> Subject: Association with okkar
> Date: Friday, 14 August 1998 12:36
> Dear Panyoma,
> I cannot understand why you are trying to hide your true identity by
> pretending not to have association with okkar.  It is to my knowledge
> that okkar has chosen your posting only among thousands of postings in
> Burmanet because you have given your permission secretly.  I have been
> following you all the time and found out to my surprise that you have
> always been trying to downgrade the prodemocratic forces such as
> NCGUB, FTUB etc.  You are a well-trained MI cadre I am sure. 
> Maw Maw
> Maesot
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