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Forces on alert as impasse with NSC

Forces on alert as impasse with NSCN continues

The Hindustan Times (New Delhi)
November 14, 2000

Jay Raina
New Delhi, November 13

The Centre appears set to put its defences in readiness following the
possible breakdown of the cease-fire agreement with the National
Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-IM).

The Centre had put its forces on alert earlier this year in the wake of
NSCN (IM)?s September 15 deadline on reneging the agreement if its
demand on extending the cease-fire beyond Nagaland was not accepted.

Top government sources said that latest talks between the PM?s emissary
and the Naga militant leadership in Bangkok failed to resolve the
impasse over the cease-fire agreement?s implementation. In his feed-back
to the PMO, the former Home Secretary K Padmanabaiah who just returned
form the Thai capital is understood to have expressed his apprehensions
over the continuance of the dialogue with the Naga leaders, in case the
ticklish issue of cease-fire extension beyond Nagaland was not resolved
at the earliest. ?The NSCN (IM) leaders appear to be losing their
patience leading to considerable apprehensions over India?s intentions?.
Padmanabaiah is understood to have informed the government while
asserting the importance of keeping the dialogue going for larger
interests of peace in the troubled North-East in general and Nagaland in

The continuing Centre-NSCN (IM) impasse over peace-talks assumes
significance amid reports of a recent arms-deal clinched by the militant
leaders with a Chinese arm-manufacturing firm based in Beijing. The
deal, according to sources, was finalised by NSCN (IM) Chief T Muivah?s
confidant and the militant outfit?s chief arms procurer Anthony Shimray
in Beijing.

Shimray had accompanied the NSCN (IM) Chief T Muivah?s confidant and the
militant outfit?s chief arms procurer Anthony Shimray in Beijing.

Shimray had accompanied the NSCN (IM) supreme in January this year on
his clandestine visit to Karachi allegedly for discussions with the top
brass of the Pakistan?s ISI.

Besides firming up contact with the senior ISI operatives, the Karachi
mission is believed to have been part of NSCN (IM)?s plans to procure
arms for its cadres. On his return, Muivah was arrested by the Thai
police at the airport for traveling with fabricated travel documents.
Muivah was recently released on bail, facilitating the latest round of
negotiations with the PM?s representative on the Naga peace parleys.

The sources indicated that the militant leaders continued to press for
the extension of the cease-fire beyond Nagaland in accordance with the
original condition of the agreement signed on July 23, 1997. ?The
arrangement was intended to cover all the Naga areas,? they maintain.

The militant leadership is understood to have clarified that the extent
of cease-fire would not have any bearing on the issue of the boundaries
of Nagalim (Greater Nagaland) as these were two separate issues.