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Myanmar Enacts New Highways Law

Myanmar Enacts New Highways Law

Xinhua, Rangoon, 18 November 2000. The Myanmar State Peace and Development 
Council has
enacted a new Highways Law signed by its chairman Senior-General Than Shwe, 
repealing the old
one in effect for nearly a century, official newspaper The New Light of 
Myanmar reported Saturday.

The six-chapter new highways law, promulgated on Friday, aims at bringing 
about easier communication
and transportation among regions in the country for quick flow of 
commodities and all-round
development of its economic and social sectors.

The law emphasizes construction of highways which connect neighboring 
countries for border areas

The law empowers the Ministry of Construction to carry out, among others, 
joint venture business with
individual or economic enterprises or permit them to operate in terms of 
construction, extension, repair
and maintenance of highways.

It also empowers the ministry to carry out land acquisition and removal of 
buildings for such purpose as
well as exchanging technical know-how and cooperating with international 
and regional organizations
and foreign countries in respect of construction of highways.

The law calls for punishment with up to three years' prison term on 
conviction of violating the law's

According to official statistics, Myanmar has built 6,916.8 kilometers of 
roads since 1988 with its total
length so far extended to 30,232.8.

Meanwhile, Myanmar has also designated 80 roads with a total length of 
24,659 kilometers as the
country's union highways.