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Offering 100% Natural Instant Fresh

The Import /Purchase Manager.

Re: Offering 100% Natural Instant Fresh Fruits &
Condiment Powder.

Dear Sir, 

We come to know from reliable published sources that
you are distributer/importer of food products.

With reference to the same, We Introduce our selves as
one of the big exporter from  Ahmedabad/India and we
have Launched a Successful Consept of Fruits &
Vegetables in powder form, We are major Supplier of
these product to Multinational Companies in India. 

Its 100% Natural Powder with no Food Color or nor Food
Chemical. These product have been cleaned, homogenised
encapsulated and Spray dried.  And Special care have
been taken to protect the Essential Ingradients in
their Natural Form. 

(i.e. Fresh Pineapple Drink Powder, Lemon Powder,
Green Chilly Powder, Tometo Powder, Ginger Powder,
Garlic Powder, Onion Powder , Fresh Amla Powder 
For More information just visit

It can be used for cooking all indian and chinese
items and For Making Juces. And Its Better for health

Its 100% natural and no food chemical mixed. We are
sure if u will try this you will recommend another 10
person for the product, 

If you are really interested please ask for the
samples for your reviews....

Awaiting your favourable reply and assuring of our
best quality and best business relationship at all the

Again we would be very thankful to you if you can send
some comments on our products.

Thanks & Regards : 
Tejas Shukla
(Export Marketing)

Sanskruti International
+91796307337 (Tel)
+91796307337 (Fax)
+919825021931 (Cell)

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