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Myanmar's Domestic Tax Revenue Up i

                      June 16, 2001, Saturday 1:45 AM Eastern Time

Myanmar's Domestic Tax Revenue Up in First Two Months

YANGON, June 16

Myanmar's State Internal Revenue Department (SIRD) received a total of 
8.275 billion Kyats (18.38
million U.S. dollars) in domestic revenue from various taxes in the first 
two months of this year, up 14.87
percent from the same period of 2000, according to the latest official 
Economic Indicators.

Of the revenue obtained during the two-month period, 62 percent were from 
commodities and services
taxes and commercial tax, 13.4 percent from state lottery, 12.1 percent 
from profit tax, 9.2 percent
from income tax and 3.3 percent from stamp duties.

In Myanmar, individual citizens having an income amounting to 10,001 Kyats 
(about 22.2  dollars) and
above are assessed to tax under the country's Income Tax Law which also 
covers cooperatives,
companies and joint venture enterprises.

However, salary recipients are not required to pay for income tax as the 
tax has been paid by way of
deduction at their income sources, according to the SIRD.

According to official statistics, Myanmar received 53.25 billion Kyats 
(118.3 million dollars) in
domestic revenue from various taxes in 2000.