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Myanmar Discloses GDP Target for 20


June 28, 2001, Thursday 1:31 AM Eastern Time

Myanmar Discloses GDP Target for 2001-02


Myanmar's gross domestic product ( GDP) for the present fiscal year 2001-02 
which began in April is
targeted at 1,001.43 billion Kyats (about 2.86 billion U.S. dollars), 
official newspaper The New Light
of Myanmar quoted the country's leader Senior-General Than Shwe as 
disclosing Thursday.

At an opening ceremony here on Wednesday of a Myanmar and international 
studies course
conducted by the Union Solidarity Development Association, Than Shwe, who 
is chairman of the
Myanmar State Peace and Development Council, also disclosed that the 
country's GDP reached
899.52 billion Kyats (2.57 billion dollars) in the last fiscal year of 

He noted that Myanmar has been able to implement economic enterprises since 
1992, before which
priority was given to ensure national peace and stability.

The end of the domestic armed conflicts has resulted in winning back 
national consolidation, leading to
restoration of peace in the respective regions, he said.

He concluded that such a favorable situation has contributed towards the 
emergence of national
development tasks nationwide and success of the economic enterprises.