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Burma-related tourism in Thailand

Individual Documents

Title: The Coils of Custom
Date of publication: September 2009
Description/subject: As tourism drops, many Padaung abandon the tradition of putting bronze coils on the necks of their daughters... "Though likened to “human zoos” whose residents are seemingly caged like exotic birds, the Padaung tourist villages of Mae Hong Son Province used to be relatively prosperous. U Ladu, the Padaung headman of Ban Nai Soi, said they can no longer count on tourists coming to see their “long neck” women, who are famous for the bronze coils wound around their necks, since the numbers of foreign visitors coming to the province has dropped sharply..."
Author/creator: Aye Chan Myate
Language: English
Source/publisher: "The Irrawaddy" Vol. 17, No. 6
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 19 January 2010

Title: Tradition or Sideshow?
Date of publication: July 2005
Description/subject: "Long-neck" women suffer indignity and discomfort for a meager livelihood... "Tribal tradition has placed 23 brass rings around Ma Ja's neck. And tribal tradition has condemned her to a life that she compares to the zoo existence of a caged animal. Ma Ja, a 23-year-old Padaung woman living in one of three so-called "long-neck" villages near Mae Hong Son in northern Thailand, is proud of her tradition, but she hates the life that it brings. "But what else can I do?" she asks. She earns 1,500 baht (US $38) a month and a few meager rations by parading with other long-neck women before camera-toting tourists who pay 250 baht ($6.25) to enter her village, Huay Sua Tao, one of three Padaung communities on the Mae Hong Son hill-tribetrail..."
Author/creator: Kyaw Zwa Moe
Language: English
Source/publisher: "The Irrawaddy" Vol. 13, No. 7
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 30 April 2006

Title: Critics Decry 'Human Zoo' of Tribeswomen
Date of publication: May 1998
Description/subject: Thai police raided a camp in Chiang Mai province in February, after a local businessman was accused of holding a group of "long-necked" Padaung women from Burma as tourist attractions.
Language: English
Source/publisher: "The Irrawaddy", Vol. 6, No. 3
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003