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Burma/Myanmar's interior wetlands

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Title: Moyingyi Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary
Description/subject: This is currently the only Ramsar site in Burma...Summary description: "Moyingyi Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary. 17/11/04; Southern Bago; 256 hectares; 17°33'N 096°37'E. Wildlife Sanctuary. A state-owned area comprising floodplain and a storage reservoir that is important for flood control. Some 15 villages with about 14,000 inhabitants are located in the surrounding area and depend upon the wetland for traditional fishing and water supply for paddy fields. A number of vulnerable and near-threatened bird species are supported. The Wild Bird Society of Japan has been assisting Myanmar's Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division with capacity building and research studies, and Japan's Ministry of Environment has worked with the Forest Department in inventorying the country's wetlands and preparing management plans. Ramsar sites no. 1431. Most recent RIS information: 2004". This link carries further details, including a vew in Google Earth
Language: English
Source/publisher: Ramsar Sites Information Service
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 15 July 2012