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Karen Refugee Committee - statements

Individual Documents

Date of publication: 03 October 2012
Description/subject: "After the transition from military government to civilian government in Burma, most of the people hope that a positive change could take place. If a genuine and realistic change indeed does take place, then another step in the repatriation process for the people to resettle to their own land would definitely follow. However, the arrangements of any refugee's return should comply according to the standard of international law. KRC, as the main supervisory body, represents 7 camps, approximately 150,000 refugees, and administers all the affairs of the camps’ management and programmes. Thus, KRC has the responsibility to take the lead on developing any plan for repatriation and for co-ordinating with organizations such as NGOs/INGOs and CBOs in this process. In this way, regarding the repatriation, KRC will stand for firstly, the choice of the individual refugee to make their own decision and secondly, the changes in Burma need to be legitimately recognized and recommended by the international communities. Therefore, under the management of KRC - EC, some conditions required as below have been laid down..."
Language: Englsh and Karen
Source/publisher: Karen Refugee Committee (KRC)
Format/size: pdf (99K)
Date of entry/update: 03 October 2012