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Karen Refugee Committee Newsletter & Monthly Reports 2018

Individual Documents

Title: Karen Refugee Committee Monthly Report, January 2018
Date of publication: January 2018
Description/subject: "...We have been hearing that, refugees will be able to go home sooner or later. However, due to uncertainty, till now, the refugees are not able to return. It has been for years that the refugees are going through in this journey together with the refugee committee. Don't think that we will be disappointed for this difficult journey. We will be renewed once again and with perseverance, we will wait till we can go home. Good and bad, joy and sadness may go hand in hand, we hope that, this year 2018 will bring us grace and more blessings in the days to come. We pray for all the donors and organization supporting us and continue to be with us.....Map of Karen Refugee Camps...Newsletter and Activities report...Monthly Activities Report ...NGO Supporters...Camp Population Report: Registered people in the 7 camps (Mae La; Umphiem; Nu Po; Mae La Oon; Mae Ra Moe; Htam Hin; Don Yang); Unregistered people in the 7 camps; New Arrivals in the 7 camps; Pre-Screening People in the 7 camps; Number of PAB People in the 7 camps; Boarding House Students in the 7 camps; Feeding Figures in the 7 camps; General Population in the 7 camps."
Language: English, Karen, Burmese
Source/publisher: Karen Refugee Coimmittee (KRC)
Format/size: pdf (1MB)
Date of entry/update: 08 February 2018