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Miss Asian-American Pageant

/* Written  2:15 pm  Apr 28, 1994 by 59104714U@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:soc.cult.burma */
/* ---------- "Miss Asian-American Pageant" ---------- */

	The 9th annual Miss Asian-American Florida Pageant and Cultural
show case will be held on Saturday, May 21 at Coral Spring Florida.

	In fact, there are large populations of Burmese reside in that
area and hopefully one of the beautiful young ladies will participate in 
that event.

	I believe in 1990 Pageant, a young beautiful Burmese lady
won the event. Although I did not attend that year, I saw her at the
91 pageant when she made a speech and crowned the new winner.
	I must admit I was very proud to be a Burmese on that special occasion.
I met few other wonderful Burmese families and chatted about all kinds.

	If any of you out there would like to attend the event, please
call the following number: (305)754-0913
				(305) 235-2604
				(305) 434-3732

	And if you are a beautiful Burmese girl who is interested in entering
the Pageant, please contact me directly. 
	I shall personally crown you myself.

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