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Poems by Burmese students who passe

Subject: Poems by Burmese students who passed away during the struggle for their motherland.

To All Burmeses Who Love Motherland To Be Free. 


 ... With revolution in mind,
I left my loved ones,
all the people I care,
for a foreign land.

My dream remains unattained.

This strange disease
prevents me from reaching
that goal of democracy.

No longer can I continue
that revolutionary march.

Soon, I'll keep
my appointment
with death.
No remorse, worry or fear
A female revolutionary am I not.

But one regret is that I have
not been able to press ahead
for my goal.

Listen, my comrades,
this is my last request.
Pray continue the struggle,
one more step forward
on my behalf.

[ Yi Yi Tun ].

Note: Miss Yi Yi Tun, 29, was a Bsc (Physics) and IFL (Chinese) graduate. 
Her Last Words, at 11.18 PM on January 4, 1990. She was one of  the 
members of the All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF).
	She never gave up her dream and never urged anyone to give up the 
struggle for democracy in Burma. 



My friend.
I dont want to murmur
how much I suffer,
but want to tell everything.

It is heartfelt feeling
Bullet in my lung
as the doctors record.

But friend,
dictator ordered to tell from my lip
it was the wound 
because of the sharp bamboo stick.

After the fourth blood bottle
was infused,
but no more better.

The worst thing I feel sad
the handcuffs are both in my hand and leg.
The movement of my pale body
dont let.

My parents sigh and tear
darken eyes and unclear ear
I do realise and how my condition that
the last time of my life
tribe with distress word in action
and to answer the question
of "Sly Inspection Commission"
the truth which they dont like.

The Thing In My Lung
Is A Really Bullet.

[ Soe Naing ].

(This poem is composed about the real last minute of Ko Soe Naing,  a 
student from Rangoon Institution of Technology, was cruelly shot down by 
the riot police in last March affairs in 1988.)