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Khin Nyunt Chickened Out !

                           Khin Nyunt Chickened Out
         Khin Nyunt makes a round to supervise various departments run by ministers. 
There is a bully minister by the name of Lt. General Sein Aung, He is notorious in his 
verbal and physical abuse of his subordinates for even a trifle. He is an Industrial 
Minister and has slapped many of his department supervisors. He hit one of them with a 
big flash light so hard on the head that the guy fell down dead. When people smile at 
him when they come face to face with him, "Why do you smile at me?" he growled, and 
would punch whoever came close to him. During the ministerial meeting he sit at any 
place despite a designated area.
         He is much senior to Khin Nyunt in service and ignores Khin Nyunt saying,"Don't 
poke your dirty nose into my business" Khin Nyunt chickens out and always avoids him. 
There has been feuding between General Maung Aye and Khin Nyunt since the former became 
the boss of armed forces. Maung Aye dismissed or transferred many of Khin Nyint's 
accomplices. In the recent ethnic clean-up operation against the KNU, Maung Aye did not 
discuss with Khin Nyunt. The fend will escalate once Ne Win and Than Shwe are gone.
         Whatever happens to them, they cannot avoid the natural course that  any kind 
of dictatorship will collapse like those of S. Korea the Philippines, Uganda, Nicaragua, 
Chile, and Panama. Their Chinese communist masters will meet the same fate too. They 
must know that this narco-dictatorship's (Neo-colonialism) days are numbered. They are 
practicing DEMONCRACY. i.e, government of the military, for the military and for their 
next seven generations. If they really love the country and want to see her prosper they 
must come to TERMS with all Ethnic Groups and all Democracy forces headed by Aung San 
Suu Kyi.
         The new constitution they are drawing now in their favor to hold on to power 
indefinitely must by scrapped. They have no mandate to draw it. If they practice it 
Burma will continue to be in turmoil as all nationalities do not support it. They voiced 
about its defiance in the recent NDF seminar. Peace can only be maintained by 
negotiation not by force.

                                   A.B. AUNGKHIN, M.D.